Your network is your backbone!

Your buildings network is the backbone of your operations. The internet is everything in today’s modern world and could criple your operations if it goes down!

We Specialize in networks big and small. From Coffee shops and diners to co-work spaces, schools, churches and event centers! We have seen it and done it all!

Trust us, your current setup can not possibly be the worst we have seen and we are confident we can fix it!

Purchase Out Right

Solid equipment and professional installation are the KEY to a functioning network. We take pride in our networks and in the service we provide. We will evaluate your current situation or project and come up with a honest and fair price to upgrade, fix, manage or install a new system that will keep you running for years to come!

With purchasing a system from us outright we will do all of the confiuragtion, installation and setup. Once everything is done we offer a monthly subscription to manage the system and include all software/firmware updates and maintence needed on the system. Or we have the option of an as needed bases where we have an hourly rate for anything that needs to be done. We highly encourage routine maintence tho, you would’nt buy a car and go 3 years without an oil change!

Leased Network

We understand the cost of networks can be up there. We offer a leasing option where we will evaluate your current situation or project and come up with a honest and fair monthly price to upgrade, manage or install a new system. We have NO contracts and very simple terms. Our leased networks have NO out of pocket expense to you for any maintenance, repairs or tech support. How can we do this? It’s simple. Once you have one of our systems and see our quality of service you just wont want to switch! We perform monthly mainatence and upgrades behind the scene and 9 times out of 10 we will know there is a problem that needs fixed before you even do! With our leased networks, everything is included except acts of God, Fire, and Theft. Tho we do have an insurance plan available for those events but typically your insurance would already cover that part!