Cloud Computing Services

Our Cloud Computing Services are simple and take out the pain of onsite server management. We provide a reliable and dedicated server experience so you can use the programs you need, how you need, and from where you need!

Our Pricing is simple. For most Setups with 1-10 users we charge a $100 Base charge per location + $50 per User per month. Simple Auto billing and simple support. See our “Cloud Computing Support Documents” page for even more information on how we backup your data, secure our servers and support them!

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The perks



Onsite and remote Support.

Simple login (From any PC, Mac, iPhone or iPad)

How we do it

Dedicated server for each client.

Simple Ticketing system for issues.

Local here in Oklahoma.

We own all of our servers.

“Glass Technology Investments”

Investing in your business, investing in ours!

If you are already a client and are looking for our Cloud Computing Support Documents, here they are! (Even if you’re not a client we dont mind if you see!)